Monday, 25 July 2016


Hey everyone!

So yet again it's been two weeks since I uploaded a blog post! I promise this isn't going to be a re-curring thing! I'm doing my best to get on track with my uploading schedule! Also, speaking of uploading I just uploaded my second youtube video!!! If you'd like to go watch it just click here. Please make sure you subscribe, like and comment! I'd love to know what you guys think! Anyways, lets get into the actual blog post...

So it's summer, meaning good weather which we'd all like to take advantage of, especially if you have time off like us students! However this often can get expensive. For example days out and meals out all cost a lot of money! But sometimes we forget we often have a lot of great sights not far from our own homes. So recently one thing I've been suggesting to people is going on walks! As me and Tom (my boyfriend) are going on holiday soon we're trying to save as much as possible to spend while away! So we've started going on walks and taking a picnic made of stuff we already have in our fridges!

We've both found this a cheap relaxing way of spending our time off! It also allows us to catch up and talk to each other rather than just sitting watching TV (which is always great but sometimes it's nice to get out). This idea is also a great thing to do with friends wether there's two of you or more! I think it's great to get out more in the summer and really enjoy the countryside or area you live in! Especially in England, we have some really amazing countryside we are able to go and explore.

However if you're sat at home right now thinking 'A Walk? That's so boring'. Think Again! Along with the picnic you can take along with you, if you go to any fairly popular sight seeing destination or country park you can usually buy ice-cream from somewhere close by for pretty cheap! And lets be honest who doesn't love ice-cream?! Not only that but you can also take pictures perhaps for Instagram or even just as memories! As you can see in this blog post on a walk me and Tom recently went on we took my camera and took some pictures. You don't need a big camera though! Any phone now generally takes fabulous pictures! You could even perhaps take some outdoor games to play if you're going with a few friends! And if all of this hasn't got you excited to get out and experience the outdoors, you could always just go and walk round your local town to catch some pokemon on PokemonGO!

Anyways I hope this has given you some inspiration to get out and about this summer! Have a great time and be safe!

I'll be back soon with a new blog post! In the mean time make sure you're following all my social media accounts to keep up to date with me and when I upload new content (links are on the right of my blog).

Thanks for reading and see you soon,
Mason x

Monday, 11 July 2016


Hey everyone!

So I've not uploaded in almost two weeks because I've been super busy! But today I can finally sit down and write a blog post for you all! YAAAAAY!

So just over a week ago it was my mums birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM) and a week ago today me, my mum, brother and Tom went to Cloud 23 in Manchester for afternoon tea to celebrate! So i thought I'd write a little about my experience and how it was! Once again I apologise for the photo quality, I had to take all my pictures on my phone as my SD card is still being temperamental. I should probably get some new ones... anyway enough about SD cards, more about Cloud 23.

For those of you who don't know, Cloud 23 is a bar/venue located on floor 23 (hence the name) of the Beetham tower in Manchester. Whilst they are a bar they also do afternoon tea, which is what we went for.

Cloud 23 is accessed through a private lift, which honestly I found extremely exciting haha. But as soon as you reach the top, the feature you instantly see is the panoramic views of the city through the floor to ceiling windows. The views are honestly breath taking and it was rather an incredible place to spend a monday afternoon!

As soon as we were entered the bar we were greeted by helpful and friendly staff. Although we were rather early they still seated us almost immediately. The decor in the whole bar was incredible and so luxurious, the tables were set beautifully and can I just add how comfortable the seats were! Oh my gosh, amazing. We ordered drinks as soon as we sat down, I ordered a milk hot chocolate to start which was amazing AND they actually had white hot chocolates which I tried later which was also delicious. We did have an issue with one drink as my mums cup of tea was cold, however all we had to do was ask and they instantly brought over a brand new, steaming hot cup. Which immediately solved the issue and they were extremely lovely about it.

Our afternoon tea was served not long after getting our drinks and honestly, it was amazing. I don't know how many times I've said amazing but thats the only way i can describe the whole thing haha.
My mum is a vegetarian along with having to eat gluten free and they suited all of her dietary needs brilliantly along with bringing both afternoon teas on separate trays. we were served a selection of sandwiches and desserts along with scones. Everything tasted incredible and looked stunning! Honestly if you get a chance to go and try the afternoon tea! DO IT!

In conclusion our visit to Cloud 23 was extremely enjoyable and super fun! It was a great way to celebrate my mums birthday and I will certainly be returning if possible!

Thanks for reading and see you soon,
Mason x

P.S. My birthday haul which i promised will be coming soon, its just super long and taking a while to edit! I will link it here when it's done! But make sure you're following me on instagram and twitter to find out when I release it also!